Wednesday Wishlist – July

These backpacks are so handy for a trip to the beach or just everyday use, I need to get one. I have fallen in love with this as not only is it my favourite colour but also my favourite print for the summer. 
I must admit I think I lived in my jelly shoes when I was younger (sparkly pink heels fyi!) but I wasn’t sure when I saw these on the high street again. After trying them on and realising this neutral colour will go with everything I am now obsessed and I’m definitely going to buy a pair.
I think I am a little bit behind on this product as I am sure there have already been plenty of reviews on using this to contour. As it it is my birthday tomorrow and Illamasqua give you 15% off on your birthday if you have an account (get on that!) I think this will be a nice little birthday present to myself.
If I wear jewellary it has to be chunky (especially rings), I did have a beautiful herkimer diamond ring I was given for Christmas but I somehow managed to break the clasp that held the diamond in (sad face). I have been searching high and low for a replacement and I have finally found it! In fact I’d be quite happy to buy all of the Shop Dixi New Wildhearts collection, it is absolutely stunning.
Nissan Figaro
I am currently on the look out for a new car, the plan is to buy a Mini Cooper after I have been away to New York. However, I came across this beauty over the weekend and I am now head over heels with how cute this little car is, especially the Barbie pink colour. I am not 100% as they are over 20 years old but when the time comes I’m not sure how I am going to choose between this or a Mini…unless I can get a Mini in Barbie pink!! 

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