Urban Decay X Kristen Leanne

Kristen Leanne Kaleidoscope Palette

As we travelled the short distance from Plymouth to Exeter to attend the Urban Decay Blogger Event hosted in Debenhams I was pretty excited to find out what products we were going to be shown. With quite a few new launches by Urban Decay I was intrigued to see whether the new Naked Heat Petite would make an appearance or if we were going to get up close and personal with the Kristen Leanne range, especially the Kaleidoscope Dream Palette.

Urban Decay Masterclass


I was pleasantly surprised upon arrival, (albeit a little late thanks to the school run traffic!), to see our seats had been laid out for us with cute goody bags all labelled up and Wagamama food and drink was on offer. Being fussy I turned down the strange looking green drink, which was apparently delicious but I couldn’t resist the chicken dumplings.

After everyone had arrived it was on to the masterclass, I was right in thinking it was the Kristen Leanne range! I had been quite surprised at the lack of marketing/blogger reviews around the collection as Urban Decay normally build up their new products, (especially collaborations), for months in advance and even looking back on their social media channels now I still can’t see that they have made a song and dance about this range, which is surprising because it is beautiful and completely different to the famous Naked range.
The masterclass itself was a run through of the products as well as a tutorial on the full range, taking a beautiful and easy to wear day look into a glamorous evening eye.

As the products were being applied we were told the best way to apply, what brushes to use and information about what was being used. Alongside this, Emily was engaging everyone and asking about the current crazy brow trends and favourite products ensuring it wasn’t your standard demo, something I really enjoyed.

I had already seen and swatched a couple of the colours from the Kaleidoscope Dream pallet but because of how bright the shade range was it wasn’t something I was looking to invest in. Mainly because I didn’t think it was wearable but during the masterclass I realised I was very wrong!
The team were all wearing the palette in a variation of looks and upon seeing the next look on the model I was sold. Even more so when it was handed around and I swatched the colours again.

UDXKL Kaleidoscope Dream


One of the key ingredients for any palette is the shade range and probably something that is even more important, the pigment. The shade range in Kaleidoscope Dream is incredible even if it is very daunting to look at. Filled with bright shimmer colours and a few mattes it seems like it is going to be hard to use. However, my first impression was wrong. I have created a number of different looks using just the one palette, pairing up shades I would never have put together before. One of the stand out shades for me is ‘Spitfire’, I love pink everything so this wouldn’t be an exception but it isn’t just pink it seems to have a multi tonal effect making it look more purple in some lights.

I have gravitated towards LCW and Lime Time a lot more than I thought I would on first impressions, green and blue take me back to being around 12 and using the worst make up in the world but the looks I have created have all been really wearable, I have worn some of the more daring looks into work and not saved them for an evening out.

2 of my other favourite colours are Leo + Brixton, on first look I didn’t realise they were different but as we were shown in the masterclass these can be used on their own for the perfect inner eye highlight or layered over the top of other colours to change up the shades you already have. Leo has a really pearlescent shine with subtle hints of pink shining through and as you can see Brixton is more of a blue highlight which I have found looks incredible over the top of Dye.

Kaleidoscope Dream Swatches


The pigment and pay off of the shadows is freaking amazing! Just a small amount goes such a long way and by adding that little bit extra the colours really pop. I have been using the colours with and without a primer to really suss out the longevity, even without a primer I have found my eye looks still look incredible with the same colour pay off 8 hours after applying, up to 14 hours with primer! That really is something to shout about.

The formula of the shadows seem quite different to the many other Urban Decay eye shadows, (palettes and singles), especially the glitters/shimmers. They all seem a lot creamier and denser but I haven’t had a problem blending them out or together, the big downside to Naked Heat were the colours seemed to turn muddy when blending together but these don’t.

Kristen Leanne Packaging


Design & Packaging

Design. Let me tell you, the neat freak in me is breaking out in a cold sweat every time I look at the shadow placement. The variation in shape and size of the pans really makes me twitch as I am so used to having identical pan sizes neatly lined up in all of the other palettes I have owed. But, and this is a big but, I am finally getting used to the layout with each use (which has pretty much been everyday!). Reading other reviews online there is very much a marmite, you either love it or hate it, reaction around the pan placement but looking at other products on the market, it is not just Urban Decay switching up the shape and symmetry.

The packaging, I almost love this as much as the colours. I think it really envisages the whole look and feel of the palette and of course Kristen Leanne. I am a sucker for good packaging so this is out on display on my dressing table not only for ease of use but because I love the pinks and purples on the front.


Atleeeey Instagram

I did intend on posting quite a few of the looks I have created with Kaleidoscope Dream but I realised I am crap at taking close up eye photos. Out of the hours of prep and 100’s of photos I’ve ended up with pretty much 0. One of the looks I really did want to share was a two tone eye look that I have been looking to try ever since I saw the photo below from Atleeeey on Instagram! I saved this to my Instagram collection so many times and tried with other colours but the payoff and overall look has not quite looked the same. Until I used Spitfire, LCW, Dye and Lime Time anyway.

I did manage to get an OK-ish photo, with a Snapchat filter of course! I’ve added it below but I am hoping to work on my eye makeup shots so hope to share more soon.

Atleeeey Look Attempt

Overall, I’m obsessed with this palette and my wardrobe has taken a turn for the dark so I can really make the eye looks stand out. It’s really inspired me to change up my make up more as I was stuck in a bit of a rut, wearing very warm eye looks with the same orange colour glitter. I’m also thinking about purchasing the Distortion palette, also from Urban Decay. Mainly because I have seen what a little of Leo+Brixton can do. I can’t wait to see what can I do with a whole palette that can change completely at the swipe of a brush.


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