Turning Up The Naked Heat

Urban Decay Naked Heat Ounce

If you’ve not been living under a rock for the last month I’m sure you have heard all about the Naked Heat palette that has been recently released by Urban Decay. Out of 5000 palettes available for pre-release in the UK I managed to bag myself one, so this post is pretty late!

Urban Decay Naked Heat Ember

As always the pigment, consistency and longevity of the shadows are amazing, the colour scheme is absolutely stunning and the packaging, perfect. But, there is always a but!

I know I said I do love the colour scheme but I can’t help but to compare it to many other palettes on the market which retail at a lower, alot lower price point and include a higher number of shadows. Morphe 350 anyone? There are many bloggers and YouTubers who have also noticed this and I have seen many a post and video with side by side comparisons and dupes. That being said, I do own the Morphe 350, among a lot of other Morphe palettes, and although I do agree the colours are similar you can see the dissimilarities also.

Urban Decay Naked Heat

Consistency is key as the phrase goes and something I completely agree with, branding, imagery and you know, eye shadows. This is one thing I do think sets the Naked Heat palette apart from the Morphe 350, the shadows in the Naked heat palette are a lot creamier and easier to use than the Morphe 350. I find the consistency of the Morphe to be a lot drier and has more fall out than its high end competitor. Another difference is the pigment, Urban Decay is one of my favourite brands purely because I love the eyeshadows. The shadows are always so pigmented, so although they are more expensive less product is needed so the shadows tend to last a lot longer and I don’t hit pan nearly as quickly as I do with some other palettes and shadows.

I have really enjoyed the combination of mattes, shimmers and glitters in this palette. I can see it being pretty handy for travelling as there is every shade and type of shadow to take you from day to evening.

Urban Decay Naked Heat Ember Flower

Moving on from the comparisons I am so pleased I was able to add this to my Naked collection and even though it is a high price point I think it is worth every penny. For once in the history of buying an eyeshadow palette every colour is completely usable for me and I think I have used a different combination of the 12 shades ¬†everyday since it was delivered. Which is great as I don’t tend to mix up my eye makeup as much as I would like.

Urban Decay Naked Palettes, Heat Basic

Now for the big questions, would I repurchase this, Yes! Do I use this, everyday! Is the price justifiable? Absolutely! Worth the hype? Definitely!
The only confusion for me is the colours, as beautiful as they are the colour scheme really makes me think of the autumn/winter months with its burnt oranges and dark glitters however I can totally see the idea behind Heat and the summer release.

Have you bought the Naked Heat palette? What do you think, worth the hype or completely overrated?!


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