Transitional Autumn

Autumn is here with an array of beautiful colours that I appear to be emulating with my own outfit choices. Browns and golds are appearing more frequently in wardrobe this season.

Cigarette Pants – Store in Barcelona

I was given these cigarette pants after my Mum and Dad visited Barcelona on a cruise, (which oddly enough I am on now!), and when received this beautiful bag from Cooper and Hill and I knew they had to be paired together. 

I find this outfit can work as a smart day outfit or for an evening out as it is so transitional there is something I just love about the look and feel of cigarette pants.

There is a slight difference to this pair though as I find the others I own are more fitted with no stretch to them but these are made of a different material with more stretch that I find so much more comfortable.  

The black tee is such an easy piece that can be worn with so many different outfits. I picked it up whilst shopping in the Gap Outlet in Southampton and not happy with just the one I bought the same t-shirt in around 4 different colours! 

I would love to go into massive detail about this gorgeous antique leather bag but you can read more about it over on my review for C+H World


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