The Dating Diaries – Swipe Right, Tinder?

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Swipe Right or is it Left?

I have to be completely honest with you, at the ripe old age of 27 (and 9 months) I have never dated. My last relationship started when I was 21 and sort of just happened. Now I am single again I have been persuaded to try out some dating apps, including Tinder.

Dating has changed massively in the nearly 7 years since I was last single. Back then you would meet someone through friends or on a night out, start chatting on Facebook and that was that. You might hang out a few times and then it was Facebook Official.

It all seems very different now. With the rise of the different dating apps I have no idea where to start.

From Tinder to Badoo to Bumble, I have heard of them all over the past few years but some of the reputations are not the best.

Oddly enough I’ve never even seen a dating app before let alone been on one. All of my friends and colleagues have been in relationships or are married so have never needed to use one themselves!┬áTinder I’ve heard is great for hooking up but probably nothing else, although I could be wrong! When I went to download Tinder, the list of ‘One Night Hook Up’ apps were overwhelming. To the point I downloaded Tinder and then didn’t create a profile. I wasn’t quite ready to swipe right, or is left? See no idea!

As well as bad reputations, I have heard of cat fishing, unsolicited dick pics and offers of threesomes. No, thank you.

As much as I have been happy on my own for the past few months it is time to dip my toe back into the dating pool. Or actually try it for the first time. Do I now have to be one of those girls with a snapchat filtered profile picture, (you know the exact flower crown I am talking about!), and then there’s the incredibly witty bio caption. Shit, where do I start with that?

Swipe its a match


After finally downloading Tinder, it took a whole week to actually create my profile and start swiping, now I’ve really had my eyes opened. I thought I kind of understood men but now I think I am completely wrong. The messages I have received have gone from quite normal to completely cringy to the downright strange. From a standard ‘Hey’, to ‘Do you do Anal?’ chatting with strangers has been quite soul destroying. The same conversations over and over again until eventually the conversation dies out and stops altogether.

After swiping through I have noticed not only are the pictures pretty much all the same, the bios are too. Everyone currently loves to travel, an adventure the gym and dogs. There doesn’t seem to be that many individuals out there. I’ve also come across a lot of people I already know, from my ex to a friends ex-fiance, the dating pool in Plymouth is rather small it would seem!

I have actually been on a couple of dates that have stemmed from Tinder but I will be posting them as part of the ‘Dating Diaries’ series in the coming weeks.



The theory behind Bumble is great, you match in the same way you do on Tinder but you only have 24 hours to strike up a conversation and the girl has to message first. Sounds perfect, until you realise you don’t know how to start a conversation! I have tried the standard how you doing, GIFs and even jokes but the success rate is pretty low.

I always thought that Tinder was the app to avoid but I have actually met the strangest people through Bumble. You can be sent pictures which is another difference to Tinder and, boy, have I been sent a few. The unsolicited dick pics have started and they don’t seem to be stopping. Clearly guys think a girl will see a picture and be say ‘Yes, fantastic penis. See you in an hour’. No, delete and block it is for me!

So far this online dating thing has been interesting to say the least, I’ve seen people on both sites which is fair. Except for the gushy guy on tinder stating ‘He had never matched with someone as beautiful as me’, forgetting or not realising we had already matched and spoke on Bumble! At least if anything I’ll have a few good stories from the minefield that is dating apps!


*All stock photos, due to the lack of Instagram Boyfriend!

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