The Bride Diaries – The Proposal

If I hadn’t mentioned it before, Jake proposed to me last week so we are finally engaged after nearly 6 years together and possibly 3 years of me bugging him for an engagement ring!

I was going to complete a ‘Bridesmaid Diaries’ for when I was maid of honour for my best friend back in June, detailing dress buying, hen party planning and everything else that goes with the maid of honour title but I didn’t want to spoil any little details of her wedding so we now have the Bride Diaries.

Engagement Ring

As our wedding is not going to be until 2019, I am going to be documenting as much wedding planning as possible. I know it is not going to be a walk in the park but I am hoping to not go full bridezilla on anyone, fingers crossed! To start these series of events we have….

The Proposal

I have been a little stressed and down over the past few weeks so Jake told me we were going out for the day. I had no idea where for a couple of days but then he told me we would be visiting Saltram House, (a national trust property), it is somewhere we have visited a lot over the past 12 months but this time we actually went inside the house and grounds.

After wandering around the magnificent house full of beautiful old furniture and belongings for a couple of hours we made our way outside to take a look at the gardens and orangery. Jake wanted to go for a walk down the beautiful ‘Saltram Straight’ but I was determined to visit the little tea room first. Jake downed his coffee whilst I leisurely drank my full pot of tea oblivious to what was going to happen in the next 10 minutes. Saltram Straight

As we started walking Jake read out a beautiful speech/story all about our relationship over the past 6 years, he told me it was due to me being a little upset so I thought nothing of it. He then gave me a Golden Snitch necklace which doubles as a watch, he stopped the clock on the snitch as he thought I might want to remember this moment. Then on one knee he produced the most beautiful emerald and diamond engagement ring! Obviously I said Yes straight away and between the pair of us and our shaking hands we managed to get the ring on my finger without dropping or losing it!

I could probably go into a lot more detail but it was such a sweet and personal moment I will be keeping that as memories for just the 2 of us.

Engagement ring/golden snitch

I am still so shocked a week later that this even happened, and I am also more shocked at how much preparation went into the proposal. Around 6 weeks worth of planning, multiple people involved plus lots of ‘overtime’ or ‘visits to the gym’ which I didn’t even realise were not happening. I always thought I would be able to sense when it was going to happen, but I was so wrong!

Now I am onto engagement party planning before I can start going into full bridal mode and plan this wedding!

Do you have any advice to share on planning a wedding? Amazing venues in and around Devon and Cornwall? Or do you have a romantic engagement story to share?


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