Oil Pulling

I first started oil pulling about a month ago after I read a post about it on Lauren Conrad’s website, I thought it sounded a bit odd but thought I would give it a go. Now it is firmly in my morning routine and I think it is there to stay. 
Oil pulling has actually been around for around 3000 years and originated in Ayurvedic medicine.


After doing a bit of research I found there was a lot more to oil pulling than clean teeth and fresh breath, it actually works as a detox as well. The coconut oil pulls out bacteria in the mouth but is also used to support a full body detox. Other benefits include stronger and whiter teeth and it has been known to alleviate hangovers and headaches. 


There are a couple of different techniques you can use but I use Coconut Oil (but you can use other vegetable oils. ). When I wake up I drink a glass of water then put a tablespoon of oil in my mouth and start swishing it around and pulling the oil through my teeth. I continue to do this for around 15 – 20 minutes, and I normally start doing my hair whilst I am doing this to distract myself as it can feel a bit odd when you do first try it!
After 15-20 minutes I spit the oil out, (into a bin as it does go hard and can block your pipes!), rinse my mouth with warm salt water and then brush my teeth as normal.

My Thoughts:

As I said before I have been Oil Pulling for around a month now and from the first time I used the coconut oil I did notice my teeth were slightly whiter. I am going to continue to oil pull to see if I (or my dentist) can notice the difference it makes to my teeth! 
If you have tried or are thinking about trying oil pulling let me know what you think. 

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