My Little French Riviera Box

I try to not post my beauty box reviews one after the other but because I was majorly behind schedule in June I wanted to post this before the next couple of boxes arrive! 
I say it every month but I really don’t think My Little Box have gotten it wrong with any of their boxes yet and this has to be one of my favourites boxes to date.
I have been on the look out for some more sunglasses as I tend to wear the same pair everyday during the summer but I decided I would like to mix it up a little this year. 
When I took these out of the packet and tried them on and they were perfect!
They fit around the ears comfortably and they actually suit me which is pretty handy. I have been wearing these for the past few weeks as the sun has finally arrived and they seem to match everything I wear with them as the are so modernly retro. 
How cute are these, seriously?!
I really like the idea of these pots as by the looks of things you can keep plants in them, not sure how good at that I am but I am definitely going to try!
Although, I have photographed them with a few of my make up brushes I am not going to use them for that as I have just redecorated my dressing table area and my brushes are currently located in plant pots hanging from hooks. 
I may use these for plants or for my stationary at work, and I think these are waterproof which is an added bonus as I may have a slight problem with spilling drinks at my desk.

I was so excited when I saw this colour as it is the perfect blue, not too blue but not too light, perfectly in between. 
However, I only had this polish on for a few hours before it started to chip. It could be my nails as I have recently removed my acrylics so they are not in the best condition but I was still quite disappointed with the longevity. 
I am going to give my nails a month or so to get a bit healthier before I try this again as this is a colour I could wear through all seasons, not just the summer.
I have received a Keratese product from My Little Box before and I liked it so much I am about to buy a few more product which meant I was pretty pleased to receive another product before I placed my order. 
Ever since I had the length cut off of my hair I have found I blow dry it a lot more than I used to, this blow dry care is a life saver. 
I do use a heat protection spray…most of the time but I can sometimes forget so I have been making a concious effort to use this. 
This has more of a milky substance and is the first heat protection product I have used that is not a spray and I have to say I am not disappointed. 
My hair feels so much nicer now after blow drying, more of a salon feel than normal and the product does not make my hair feel greasier quicker which is what I normally find.
I mentioned in a previous post I don’t like exfoliators that have the little beads in, however I really liked this scrub. 
I have only been using it on my body as it feels a little to harsh to use on my sensitive face. 
This product is made of Guérande salt crystals and Gorse water and although it does feel rough when using it, (I half expected to find scratches on my body after I used it!), my skin felt so smooth and refreshed afterwards.
Another thing I liked about this scrub was it did not have an overpowering smell so over it is a rather neutral product you can use all over to ensure your skin is soft and your tan is even. 
As normal, I really liked everything in this months box even if I was slightly disappointed by the nail polish. 
The theme was perfect and the products really suit the time of the year so they are things I will be reusing over and over again. 
Well done My Little Box, you have only gone and done it again, perfect box, theme and products!
Do you receive any beauty boxes? Which is your favourite?


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