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Lindsey Kelk has been my favourite author ever since I happened to read I Heart New York. Now I have made sure I pre-order every new release and after a year of waiting What a Girl Wants has finally been released! 
If you haven’t read About a Girl a quick overview is Tess has a really shitty week at work, pretends to be her room mate and ends up flying out to Hawaii whilst impersonating her room mate. Whilst out there she is trying to get over one guy but meets another guy, this ends in Tess having a dilemma….which guy to choose?


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What a Girl Wants continues where About a Girl left off, Tess is still unsure of what she wants but she has been given 2 awesome opportunities. One being a safe choice in the UK or another exciting opportunity abroad each which a different guy involved. 
(Image from Lindsey’s Instagram)
Once I started reading What a Girl Wants I could not put it down (as I do with all of Lindsey’s books!). I really found myself with Tess debating her decisions, although I am definitely a little bit siding towards one guy! I do not think I could fault this book on anything…except I have to wait forever until the next one comes out! In the meantime I am hoping to read more about Angela from the I heart series. 
(Image from Lindsey’s Instagram) 
I couldn’t write too much about the book as I didn’t want to include any spoilers…because who likes those?! I loved this book and just had to write about it, if you are going to read anything this summer it should be About a Girl and then What a Girl Wants.

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