Keeping Up With Kim KKW Beauty Contour Kit

Keeping Up With Kim KKW Beauty Contour Kit

KKW Highlight and Contour

This post may sound like a rehashed version of every other post about the KKW Beauty Contour Kit but after trying out the products and then reading reviews, I have had a very similar experience as many other people.

Looking back, I wish I had not jumped the gun and bought the kit on the first day of release for a couple of reasons. One being how much the kit was and two I wished I had read/watched reviews prior to purchase. That being said it’s not all bad, so I thought I would let you know my thoughts on the good, the bad and the ugly about these kits.

KKW Highlight Contour Brush

The Good

The contour stick in the kit is absolutely lovely, the consistency and blend ability of the stick is exactly what you would wish for. Creamy, smooth and not too full of pigment you can easily build this for the perfect contour. After using this I have been setting my contour with the Anastasia Beverly Hills Powder Contour Kit and I have found the longevity increases by a couple of hours as opposed to when I don’t set at all.

I was unsure of the inclusion of the brush in this kit but I actually really enjoyed using the kabuki brush end to blend my contour, it is the perfect size to blend in the smaller areas where I have contoured.

The last thing I have enjoyed using is the highlight on the stick, adding this to my nose and top of my cheeks has given a subtle glow which has not been too intense for day wear. By building and adding a small amount of powder highlight this popped and glowed for the perfect night time highlight.

KKW Beauty Contour Stick

The Bad

Something everyone I have seen has mentioned, the concealer on the highlight stick is so hard to blend. I popped it under my eyes and within seconds it was so dry and blending using a beauty blender (not the little sponge on the brush) was near impossible. I have tried various different methods in an attempt to blend this concealer but so far I have not been able to find a fool proof method. The only thing I have found that helps slightly but not too much is adding the Farsali Rose Gold Elixir to the stick before using, it gives a little more slip and less drag when trying to blend.

KKW Beauty Highlight Stick

The Ugly

Firstly, price vs product has been very poor. Starting at quite a high price point the kit cost me £37 ($48), which then increased by adding international shipping, an additional £12 ($15). On top of the cost of the kit and shipping, I also got hit with an additional customs charge of £16 which made the total cost £65! By the time I had seen the charges and read the reviews I was so uninspired to try this product it took me a full 2 weeks after delivery to actually sit down and find the time to give this a go.

On top of the price, the fact you are only getting 1.8 grams of product per stick this is possibly the priciest thing I have purchased for my beauty collection!

On top of this, the contour is so creamy that you are not going to get a lot of use out of it.

KKW Beauty Swatches

As you can see from these swatches the colours are OK for my skin tone, not the best match in the world but workable. You can also see the difference in the consistencies between the highlight and contour.

The contour is visibly creamier yet even in the swatch you can see the drag when using the concealer/highlight. Also, the colour difference between the contours are not too dissimilar so even with the small amount of product you get it feels even less as the colour difference is not there.

KKW Beauty

Overall, if the price point was a lot lower, (especially with the additional £16 custom charges), and the highlight stick a lot creamier I may think about repurchasing but for now my foray in to the world of KKW Beauty is over. I did not get the flawless Kardashian contour I was after but did spend a lot money on a very small amount of product. Something I am happy to do but in this instance the quality for me was just not there.

Did you buy this kit? What did you think? A hit or a miss?


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