July Birchbox…in a Pouch!

So this months Birchbox was in a pouch instead of a box which I didn’t mind as I can see the pouch being pretty helpful but I have seen quite a few comments online about broken products. 
Overall, I don’t feel this was one of my favourite boxes/pouch but I do think the products fit into the summer theme beautifully. 


I have liked 99% of the Benefit products I have tried out and this is not an exception! 

This is a SPF 45 sun cream which is ideal for me as thanks to my freckly skin I get burnt quite a lot during the summer. 
It is a dedicated sun screen for your face which has the cross between a milky and liquid consistency. 
This seems to be a matt product that once applied to the skin does not feel greasy at all, it actually made my face feel so soft and smooth. 
Because of it’s light consistency I have been using this before I apply my moisturiser and foundation and I have found that my make up does not slide off or go shiny the way it would normally when using standard sun cream. 

I really do love this product and I am pretty tempted to buy the full size product, however it is £25 and I am not sure if I can justify spending that on a sun screen.
When I first saw this eyeshadow trio in my pouch I was really excited as it’s the colours I normally use but that excitement very quickly turned to disappointment when I started to try the eyeshadow out. 

Firstly, no matter how lightly I pressed my brush into the eyeshadow far too much product came off making it really difficult to use. Then when swatching the products the shadow seemed to flake off meaning I had to swatch a few times to get a good colour. 
After managing to get the shadow on it was then super easy to remove, just by rubbing so no make up remover needed which is OK but I want to use products that have the ability to stay all day not just for a hour or so. 

This is a product I would not use again due to the flaws I found which is such a shame because the colours looked perfect! 
I think I had this product out for a minute or so before I clocked it was a luminizer gel and not a nail polish! 
I am not sure on this product as I normally like to use powder or cream luminizing products rather than the gel as I prefer the consistency and staying power. 
The application of this gel seems pretty easy and it is really blendable but I found it looks more like glitter body rub rather than a luminizer. 
I think I will keep hold of this to try again but for now I will just wait for my The Balm Mary-Lou luminzer to arrive!
This is a completely new brand to me and I am really glad I received this product, thanks to my skins susceptibility to burn in the sun I love products that include Aloe Vera as a main ingredient as it really soothes burnt skin, which I end up with quite a lot as much as I try not to. 
This is a body treatment that has so many uses, as well as a moisturiser it can be used to sooth burns, eczema, blemishes and much more! 
This has a gel like consistency but it felt like that changed to liquid when I started to rub the product in, which was pretty awesome as it was so easy to massage into my skin and did not leave a sticky residue like some gel products can. 
Another thing I like about this is it does not seem to have a scent to it which means it is unisex so as well as having so many uses as it is not strongly perfumed it can be used by anyone.

I now have quite the collection of Balance Me products thanks to Birchbox, which is definitely not a bad thing! 

This is the first time I have tried this product and the first thing I noticed was the smell, it has quite the citrus scent and reminds me of lime.This is another product that also includes Aloe Vera as well as Chamomile and Lavender.
It is a light weight product that can be used on break outs or congested areas of the skin. 
Luckily, I have not had a break out for a couple of weeks now so to try this product I tried it on my nose which is where I sometimes notice my skin becomes congested. 

After the first application is really did feel and look a lot better, so much smoother, noticeably so. 
I am going to be keeping this product on stand by for when my skin flares up and then I can really put it to the test! 

This month has not been my one of my favourite boxes/pouch but I do think the theme has been really consistent and the products matched it perfectly. 
Although I have found product selection for me pretty hit and miss, I do love the Unani body treatment and the Benefit Dream Screen is pretty awesome too! 

I’m also not completely sold on the idea of a pouch instead of a box but I can find some uses for the pouch, I just hope it’s back to the boxes next month.


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