End of the (blogging) Era?

End of a Blog Era - Dungarees Rock
As I sit here writing various different blog posts I have found myself thinking about how the blogging community has changed and wondering do people even read blogs anymore?
Something I have noticed lately is a lot of bitchiness and school playground behaviour appearing within the blogging community. If you check Twitter on a weekend there is shade being thrown here, there and everywhere.
There seems to be a lot of ganging up on particular people and it seems to be the same people starting the ‘Twitter Beef’. One of the reasons I started blogging was how nice and encouraging the community seemed to be. This seems to have been forgotten lately so I am going keep out of the Twitter¬†takedowns and try and share as much positivity I can across my social platforms.

End of a Blog Era - Dungarees Bridge

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I think most people have noticed a lack of engagement on social media, (well it is being said all over Twitter and Instagram), and I have too. This lack of enagagement on all of my recent posts has made me¬†realise I can’t even remember the last time I went to any of my favourite blogger’s sites to read their posts.
I am guilty of heading straight to YouTube to see what videos or vlogs they have posted instead.

End of a Blog Era - Dungarees Rock Pool

Something seems to have changed and anyone nowadays seems to be able to add #blogger to their Instagram feed and reap a lot of the gains without putting in a lot of the effort.
I’m not saying taking a good selfie, flatlay, OOTD, (the list goes on and on), is not hard but it is far less time consuming than styling a post, taking and editing images then writing a few hundred word to accompany said images.
Is this because recently influencers are picked up because of their follower count rather than talent? Or is it because we are an instantaneous bunch of creatures who have decided the written word is nowhere near as exciting and gratuitous as a YouTube video that needs less concentration.
I honestly have no idea what the answer to this is but I know a lack of engagement, larger bloggers stating there is no room for new bloggers and seeing 16-year-olds who are absolutely incredible at makeup jumping to the top of the influencer list has really halted my motivation.

End of a Blogging Era - Dungarees Sea

However, I’m going to continue to put in the time and effort, writing and posting in my little corner of the internet on the off chance that someone might see it!
And hey, I can still use the excuse that all of the clothes, shoes and makeup I buy is for my blog right?!
What do you think? Is blogging really dead and is it now all about instastories, snapchat and Youtube?

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