Roccabox x Em Sheldon

Roccabox by Em Shel

Introducing Roccabox!

I used to love subscription boxes, at one point I was subscribed to 3 a month but I very quickly became disillusioned by them. Over the years I have tried so many of the boxes on the market, ranging from a high end box that ended up costing £35 a month plus p&p then sent out discontinued products. I’ve also tried a lot of the low end boxes, one of which I was subscribed to for a good couple of years. They then discontinued the pretty awesome points scheme they had so I decided to steer clear for a little while.

Em Sheldon of Em Talks then tweeted to say she had collaborated with Roccabox, (a completely new subscription box to me), and I couldn’t resist. I may not be able to afford the majority of her impeccable wardrobe but this box is something I can.

I am so happy that I didn’t let the disillusionment of previous boxes sway me because the quality of this months box is absolutely incredible. The design is gorgeous, the price more so and the products are of a high quality and a great mixture. From skincare to bath and body to make up, a little bit of everything has been included.

Miss Patisserie Sea Salt Bath Melt

Roccabox Miss Patisserie Bath MeltMiss Patisserie Cupcake

Miss Patisserie Cupcake Bath Melt

This is a brand I have heard about for quite a while but I have never actually tried their products. At first glance they are absolutely adorable, who doesn’t want to put a cupcake into a bath! I love a good bath bomb/melt and I have probably owned the majority of Lush but this seems extra cute to me.

I have not yet had a chance to try out this melt but after reading the ingredients it it something I am really looking forward to. Full of cocoa and shea butter this is said to nourish your skin which I know from experience it really does. I would not of personally picked this from a store purely because the scent is not for me but that is because I adore anything sweet smelling. Think Pink from Lush tends to be my go to! But I cannot wait to have my next bath and use this pretty melt and see exactly how my skin feels after, although I kind of want to keep it as a bathroom accessory because it is a cupcake!

Product Price: £4.50

Nails Inc NailKale (Claremont Street)

Roccabox NailKale Roccabox NailKale Nails Inc
















As soon as I saw the colour of this nail polish it reminded me of summer, and I couldn’t wait to try it even if we are currently lacking in the sunshine. I showed my best friend my Roccabox and the first thing she said is I wouldn’t use this polish. Always forgetting that I have my nails done every three weeks this is now going to be the new colour for my toes! I know people may not see it but at least I know I have the prettiest coloured and most nourished nails around thanks to the anti-oxidant Kale formula.

Product Price: £15

Smashbox Always on Liquid Lipstick (Drivers Seat)

Smashbox Always On Liquid LipstickRoccabox Always On SwatchRoccabox Always On Liquid Lipstick

It took me a while to come round but now liquid lipsticks are my favourite, apart from how drying certain formulas can be. I have never tried a Smashbox liquid lipstick but I have worn this everyday since I received this box, 5 days so far. The colour is very me, it is a very wearable but pretty nude pink. The main thing I have noticed about this is the fact it has not dried out my lips at all, normally within 10 minutes I can feel that my lips need moisture but this seems completely different. Not only is the formula lovely but the longevity is pretty great.

So far I have managed around 5-6 hours without reapplying. Another feature to note about this is the unusual applicator, it is very different to the current lipsticks I own, this has a bit more of a point to it meaning I have been able to get the best lip outline so quickly and easily.

Full Size 4ml, Total Price £19

Elemis Hydra Boost Day Cream

Roccabox Elemis Day Cream

I’m going to put it out there and say I have never purchased anything from Elemis, not because I’ve not wanted to but I am rubbish at finding new products for skincare as I tend to end up buying everything from one particular place.

I have actually tried a few different products from previous beauty boxes and luckily this is not one I have received before. Remembering to add this to my daily skin and make up regime has been very easy as I have already noticed such a change in my skin. As someone that always forgets about skincare normally my skin can appear dull and dehydrated (lack of skincare routine) however I have already noticed a visible change and my skin feels so much more hydrated and softer than usual.

Because this is only travel size I imagine I will run out very quickly but I believe this has the potential to be a product I repurchase when I do come to the end of the tube.

Travel Size Price (15ml) £12

Product Price (50ml): £40

St Tropez Self Tan Express Face Sheet Mask

St Tropez Sheet Face Tanner

I have not used St Tropez in very a long time, I believe the last time was after the release of the gradual shower tan a couple of years ago. It really did disappoint me and because I don’t tan that often I’ve not tried it again. Again, another product I have not yet had the time to try but this is purely because my skin is super pasty all over at the moment and I do not want a rather tanned face and ghost like body. If I am able to tan, or purchase an all over tanner I am definitely going to be giving this a go and posting creepy ghost mask photos online.

I will update as soon as I have been able to try.

Product Price: £5.00


Overall this box for me has been brilliant, as I mentioned before the selection has been great as well as the quality. In total this box cost me a total of £13.95 including P&P but to purchase all of the products included this would of cost a grand total of £55.50. This means I paid a total of 25% towards the actual products in this box.

All in all for me I will be continuing to subscribe to Roccabox as I think it is great that a different influencer will be curating the box each month which hopefully means the boxes won’t become too repetitive or tiresome.

See you next time Roccabox!

Have you tried this box or any other new subscription boxes? Which are your favourites?

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