Dressing Table DIY

Over the past couple of months I have been looking at ways to de-clutter my dressing table area as I had products spilling out of all of the drawers and the top always looked messy.
I had an idea of what I wanted and visited a couple of different shops until I found everything I needed…and it cost me under £50! 
P.S: Before anyone mentions Ikea, our closest one is 2 hours away otherwise this would of been done months ago! 
 After trawling through Pinterest I finally decided how I wanted this area of our bedroom to look, as my boyfriend and I are currently living with his parents it is really difficult to keep our room looking neat and tidy as we pretty much have a whole house in one room! 
I originally wanted some more vintage looking drawers but the french ones I had my eye on were over £100. Luckily I found the drawers above for £30 which was more of the price range I wanted to spend, when we have our house, (and my dressing room!), I am going to splash out a bit more and get everything I want but for now these drawers can do just the job. 
Currently each drawer holds different items so I can easily find them, so one for eye make up, one for base products like foundations, powders, etc. A drawer for hair products and another drawer for face and body products, this way my inner OCD is at piece!
I think the shelves and the plant pots/brush holders are definitely my favourite! 
The shelves were only £10 and the plant pots £2.50 each, I got the idea of the plant pots as brush holders from multiple blog and Pinterest and I have added coffee beans inside to make the room smell nice and hold my brushes up.
 The only down side is the crush holders look slightly empty so I may have to take a trip to MAC to fill them up a bit more! 
Although this post is labelled DIY, technically I only really supervised the DIY as I got my boyfriend to put the shelves up so I didn’t make a massive whole in the wall. But, the organizing was all me and the ideas of course, I just had to ask for permission before making our room look even more feminine than it did before.
I know this is slightly different to what I normally post but I was so pleased with how much tidier and pretty it looks I wanted to share it with you!

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