Cupcake Decorating at the Plymouth Blog Meet

Bloggers at the Plymouth Blog Meet
A couple of weeks ago I saw an article about a blogger meet in the local paper, as I didn’t know any other bloggers in the area I emailed Ellie who organised the event. 
A couple of weeks later Ellie emailed me again inviting me to the next blogger meet up which was Saturday at Mrs Brown’s Bakery in Plymouth decorating cupcakes.
It was such a lovely event and so nice to meet other bloggers from the area who shared the same interest and the good news is there should be another event happening!
Steps to make a fondant rose
Fondant Rose Cupcake
The first cupcake we decorated was with a fondant rose, I have seen these before but it is not something I have attempted. I thought I was going to be crap but as you can see from the picture above my rose wasn’t half bad! 
I bake quite a lot and now I know how to create these roses I can see a lot of my cakes being decorated with them as they are just so effective.
Rose Buttercream
Rose Buttercream Cupcake
The second design we were taught was a buttercream rose, this is something I have tried before but my buttercream was nowhere near thick enough and it went terribly wrong! 
As the buttercream had been pre-made it was so much easier to create the rose effect and to be honest was not as difficult as I thought it would be. 
2 decorated cupcakes
Victoria Sponge Cake
 After we decorated the first 2 cupcakes we had a cake break which meant only one thing, a cup of tea with cake!
We had a delicious piece of Victoria sponge cake that was topped with a chocolate covered strawberry, although the slice was way too big for me and I only managed to eat half. 
Georgie Mrs Brown's Bakery
Georgie, the owner of Mrs Brown’s Bakery showing us how to pipe buttercream.
Mr Whippy Cupcake
 After our cake break it was back to business and we were taught the Mr Whippy cake which was a similar technique to the buttercream rose but you build it up even higher to look like a ice cream.
Again, this was topped with a chocolate covered strawberry!
Miniature Fondant Rose Cupcake
It was then time to ice our fourth and final cupcake and this was a mix of all the techniques we had been shown and this was buttercream with miniature fondant roses. 
4 decorated cupcakes
Mrs Brown's Bakery
 I really enjoyed the cake decorating class at Mrs Browns Bakery ad it was so good to meet up with other bloggers as that is a rarity for me. 
We all have slightly different blogs so I have added link to everyone who was at the event below to have a little look at:
Mrs Browns Bakery holds cupcake decorating classes, this class can be for everybody of all ages. Georgie and Jemma taught us so well with easy and precise instructions that meant everyone’s cakes looked fantastic and with classes at £15 a person it is an absolutely bargain. 
The £15 you pay gets you the decorating class, tea or coffee, cake to eat and you also get to keep the 4 cupcakes you have decorated. 
You can also buy a decorating kit for just £6 so you can easily decorate cakes at home.
Topshop Floral Dress

Topshop Floral Dress (old), New Look Cropped Denim Jacket, My Little Beauty Sunglasses   
As I haven’t shared an outfit post in quite a while, I thought I would share with you the outfit I wore for the blogging event. I am picking up a new camera tomorrow so there should be a lot more outfit posts soon as I will be able to take the photos myself!
I love this dress, it was originally from Topshop a few years ago but I find myself digging it out every now and again and I always dress it up differently which means I can always keep the look fresh. 


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