Bleach London

My boyfriends family came down from Derby for the week so me and his cousin decided to pop into town and came up with the notion to dye her hair! 
I have not used Bleach London before but my hairdresser has previously mentioned that she likes the brand and seeing as she is the master of mixing bright hair colours we decided to go with the same brand. 
We started off by using the dip dye bleach kit to re-bleach the bottom of Ella’s hair, the kit included a blending lotion which you rub into the the hair where you want the dip dye to stop. This blending lotion was a lifesaver as I have never dip dyed anyone’s hair before and I wanted the dip dye to blend rather than being in a straight line and the blending lotion really did help with this. 
After we bleached and shampooed the hair I used the colours to try and get a multi-tonal look, Ella wanted more of the Sea Punk and small sections of the Blullini and Washed Up Mermaid (such awesome names!). I did managed to use more of the Sea Punk and we were able to get such a great turquoise colour. 
These colours are fantastic because as you can see in the pictures above the hair looks completely different colours in different lights, it looks so blue in a darker light and more green when there is a brighter light. 
I would definitely use these products again because although the bottles are small they were just the right amount of colour for the style we were going for and Ella’s hair also felt in such great condition, even after we bleached and coloured the hair. The instructions included were really helpful, especially for someone dip dying hair for the first time. 
I would also recommend checking out Bleach London’s instagram page, so much colour inspiration!
I can’t wait to try some more colours from this brand as they have some lovely pink and purple colours – check out the full product range here.
Ella is a fantastic singer and musician who is going to have her first single released on iTunes very soon and she has her own channel on YouTube, (only a couple of video’s unfortunately as she has deleted some of the older ones that she no longer likes!)
Check Ella’s channel out here!

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