Back Again


When I decided to take a step away from my blog late last year I did not expect it to last quite so long. Life decided to get super busy.

In the past year, there have been a lot of changes which I hope will be reflected in my personal style and writing.
It has been crazy but I have enjoyed every twist and turn of what has been an eventful journey.

Among the more exciting things to have happened have been buying our first home. I can now say I am a homeowner to a beautiful Victorian house with some exquisite features including an open coal fire and antique roll top bath. Perfect for the amount of Lush bath bombs I have been picking up on every trip to town.

I have decided to take a slight career change. I will be moving on from the small company I have seen as family over the past 4 years to somewhere that is 8 times the size! It’s a pretty daunting task but I cannot wait to start learning new skills and meeting people.

The blog has been re-designed. I bought a pre-made template from the wonderful Kotryna from kotrynabassdesign. Who helped a lot to get the template installed and looking beautiful.

There have also been Blogger brunches with the lovely Plymouth Bloggers, weddings, a cruise. An enourmous amount of Harry Potter related activities which include the Harry Potter Studios tour and a Harry Potter Birthday party. The party was all hand crafted and organised by the best friend anyone could wish for!










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