Anastasia Beverly Hills Prism

ABH Prism PaletteI cannot believe the Anastasia Beverly Hills Prism palette has been hiding in my drawer for the last 7 months. It happened to be delivered a little before my fiance and I broke up so as you can imagine my motivation and inspiration to play with new make up has been pretty low. I finally cracked it open at the weekend and I have managed to have a play with a couple of new looks.

After the Subculture drama I wasn’t sure whether to give this a try but when Cult Beauty had a sale, who was I to not buy it. For ‘research purposes’ clearly! For once in my life it is actually a palette where the colours are new and exciting to me. After a long period of buying very similar shades from all over the make up world it is nice to feel out of my comfort zone.


From the offset, Prism seemed like quite an intimidating palette to me, hello there sphere! But after a bit of Instagram stalking and Pinterest hunting I have found a few looks that I could feel comfortable wearing out and about. One of the main reasons for buying the palette was Throne, I have been looking for a shimmery emerald shadow for at least 18 months now.

Before purchasing I did have a look at the different reviews online and if I am honest, they are all completely different. As with Subculture there is some kick back but it is a powder so I am not expecting anything else.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Prism


What I have noticed about this palette, and I am not sure whether it is due to my skin or primer or the shadows themselves. Some of the payoff and pigmentation on these shades are incredible, throne for example a little really does go a long way. But I have found with other shades, sphere and Lure they just doesn’t seem to appear as vibrant on my eyes as I have seen in pictures. I am not going to feel disheartened by this though and I am determined to make them work.

Prism colours

Design & Packaging

The design of Prism falls in line with the previous palettes from ABH, which includes a velvet exterior. Don’t get me wrong as beautiful as it is, it picks up every bit of dust and powder lying around meaning it doesn’t stay clean for too long! I love that the packaging is the same as Modern Renaissance, Subculture and the new Norvina palette. I’m a sucker a good theme especially when it comes to brands and their packaging. It totally encourages me to buy all of the palettes so I can own the whole collection.

ABH Prism Packaging

Since starting this post and leaving it in drafts for a couple of months I have used this palette most days and I’m already hitting pan on Saturn and Eternal! You could say I quite like it. I have also tried a few looks with the other colours but I am yet to find a way to make Sphere pop as much on my skin as it does on others. I have a feeling that when Sphere and Eternal have completely finished I will be reaching for the other colours a lot more…or I’ll end up with a new palette, potentially the new Urban Decay Born to Run!


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