A New Look for Autumn


 For me, spring and summer always mean a more colourful wardrobe with bright prints and pastel colours. Now the seasons are changing and as autumn/winter sweeps in the colour palette of my wardrobe is taking a turn to a more rich and earthy tone featuring lots of berry reds and olive/khaki greens. 

We took a trip to the Royal William Yard in Plymouth a few weeks ago and with its spectacular backdrops I had to get a few photos of this outfit. 
I really love the asymmetric hem of this dress and the look it creates paired with the long duster coat. It is a look I am recreating fairly often since purchasing a couple of weeks ago.
I am obsessed with this style of duster coat which I have seen in so many different shops.
 This New Look coat is going to be the start of a small collection for me as I feel they can easily change the look of any outfit and can make an older outfit feel brand new again. 
Another thing I adore about this outfit is the how the colours of the bag and jacket really compliment each other creating that beautiful earthy and autumn feel. 
The Shoreditch Cross is a classic satchel with contrasting brown leathers and gold accents that is part of Cooper and Hill’s new Tan collection. 
You can read my full review of the Shoreditch Cross on Cooper and Hills C+H World here!

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