20 thoughts for 27 Years

20 thoughts for 27 Years

Happy Birthday to me!

So today, I turn 27 which seems absolutely crazy as I am pretty sure I am still 21 in my head. I thought I would put together a list of 27 things I have learnt over the past 27 years however it turns out 27 is a lot so it is slightly shorter than I first envisioned!

  1. Love your mum. I have found the relationship with my mum has been different at various stages of my life. First she was my hero, then my enemy and as I have got older she is more like a best friend than anything else. Your mum won’t be able to be your confidant, sounding board or partner in crime forever so tell her how much she means to you and let her know you love her.Mum and I in New York
  2. Be bold. Be confident and always be yourself not who you think someone else will want you to be. Want to dye your hair crazy colours? Do it! Want to wear the most OTT outfit ever? Yes, do it! Who cares what other people think of you!Peacock Hair
  3. Best Friends. Friends can be found anywhere, best friends are like gold dust. When you have found yours don’t let them go. I bonded with my best friend/twin over falling down the the stairs drunk together, with a dining room chair?! From that day on we have been there for each other through good and bad times and it’s not something I can see changing ever.Best Friends
  4. Talk. Mental Health is still a bit of a stigma but thanks to a lot of bloggers and celebrities it is now spoken about more than ever. If you are struggling, talk to someone, anyone, about it and get help where you can. It is not something you have to feel ashamed about.
  5. Experiment. Change you hair, update your makeup, mix up your style. If you want to try something, just do it. You may look back at some photographs and think what the hell was I thinking but it’s good to do the things you want to try.Bold River Island trousers
  6. Debt. Store cards are not free money! This is something I wish I knew at the age of 18 but it is definitely something I know now. It took me a long time to recover from all of the ‘free’ money I was given and I had nothing to show for it thanks to clothes going in and out of fashion.
  7. Love. I found love at the strangest of times, I had just said no men for a year so I could concentrate on myself, then I met Jake. That was 5.5 years ago, fast forward to now and we got engaged last week! It pops up when you least expect it so don’t keep the barriers up, let other people in.Engagement Ring
  8. Save. Save, save, save and be a bit of a grown up. You never know when your emergency fund might come in handy. Boilers breaking, pipes being blocked or you know a quick trip to Iceland.
  9. Body. Listen to your body, it will tell you what it needs.
  10. Stress. Stress can be so bad for you and your body. Try to take a step back and relax even just for a little while. If you don’t you become at risk of mental and physical issues and a massive chance of burning out. This is something I am trying to think about a lot more.
  11. Baths. There is always enough time for a bath. I used to think that taking time out of the day to just lay in the bath was pointless but now a good book, a glass of wine and a bath is my happy place. It really helps me to unwind after a long day in the office.Think Pink Bath Bomb
  12. Brave. Be brave, go out and try that new hobby on your own or get a new job then leave after 2 weeks because you know it is not right for you! I am the biggest wimp but I am trying to be braver and try new things.
  13. 27 thoughts are a lot, I am only on 13 and struggling!
  14. Blogging. Blogging is so much harder than I ever thought it would be. Trying to get motivated with lack of engagement is such a pain in the arse. Being constantly creative is more difficult than expected and posting as much as possible is impossible. I have decided to post when I fancy it to ensure that my content is great and not some half arsed post that probably should not be tied back to me.
  15. Weddings. Adding the word wedding or engagement to anything at least doubles the price. Party venues suddenly see the £££ when you tack engagement or wedding on.
  16. Weddings, again. I have only just started looking into wedding venues, dresses, etc but there are so many things to consider, and make sure is not forgotten. One thing I am trying to remember is that the day is about us and not everyone else, or Instagram. Team Bride Banner
  17. Overthinking. I overthink everything and anything, this in turn causes me massive anxiety so I am trying to stop this habit and try and relax a lot more. I have started yoga at home and trying to not think about anything as much as possible. Thinking about work at 5am on a Sunday morning is probably not the best thing for the state of my mental health.
  18. Photography. Again, I thought you just point and shoot a camera but over the years of blogging I can now see that there is a lot more to it. Ensuring the focal point is there, the colours are correct and overall having quality images really help blog posts gain more exposure. There are many bloggers out there I look to for inspiration and it’s mainly because along with their beautiful writing, their images are amazing. The Face of Sam
  19. Be Yourself. Don’t be a sheep and follow the crowd do what pleases you, dress in clothes that make you feel confident. And don’t buy that ‘must have’ product that’s on Instagram if it is not something you really want or think you would use/wear.
  20. Invest. Invest in quality products, be it a MacBook or a decent pair of boots. I have always been told to buy quality over quantity and even if spending £200 on a Kate Spade bag may seem excessive it will most likely be used more and last a lot longer than the 15 £10 bags you could buy on the high street.

These are the thoughts I am going to try and stick with to make myself feel better, especially with the scary thought that I am now a lot closer to 30 than I am 20!

Did you have any revelations on your last birthday?


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